Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control

Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control

Old Tree Onion Multipurpose Hair Oil absorb quickly, making it a perfect hair moisturizer for those dried out, tired ends. A few drops may even protect against the elements. Use as a scalp treatment, hair mask, or deep conditioning hair improving damaged hair on days when you want to show your hair some extra love.

How to Use 

  • Apply a few drops directly on scalp and massage with fingertips to help the penetrate into roots of hair.
  • leave it for at least an hour before shampoo for better results keep it overnight.
  • Wash off with mild shampoo repeat it thrice a week ,it helps strengthen the hair.

Works Great On Hair and Beard

Apply old tree Onion hair growth oil the hair & scalp could increase blood supply to hair follicles which in turn improves hair growth. 

  • Old Tree onion hair oil helps reduce hair loss & restores nutrients lost due to exposure to pollution & harmful chemicals.
  • Our products are naturally formulated, contain no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, dyes, or synthetic fragrance.
  • Old Tree onion hair oil contains, vitamins, minerals, proteins, & antioxidants your hair needs to support a healthy shine youll love to show off. With essential oils like onion oil,jamaican black castor oil, moroccan argan oil, and hibiscus oil, your hair will look better than ever. Shine on, sister.
  • Old Tree onion hair oil has your back with an infusion of exotic botanicals, essential oils and vitamins that turn up the shine, lock in moisture, detangle, and fight frizz.