Loofah (Body Scrubber) Pack of 4
Loofah (Body Scrubber) Pack of 4
Loofah (Body Scrubber) Pack of 4
Loofah (Body Scrubber) Pack of 4

Loofah (Body Scrubber) Pack of 4

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  • Type: Loofah
  • Vendor: Old Tree Brand
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    Old Tree Body Scrubber Made from natural grown loofah gourds, our Loofah Sponges provide a gentle daily exfoliating experience. Our economical multi-packs allow you to stock up and replace them when the time comes. Remember to soak your loofah sponge in water before using it for the first time.

    EASY TO USE: Old Tree Body Scrubber Soak In Water To Become Soft Before Using ,Dry In The Air After Using. Elastic hand strap and soft terry cloth backing allows for easy all over body scrubbing.

    Benefits and uses of a loofah include:

    • Old Tree EXFOLIATING LOOFAH PAD ( large 13X9 cm), The most natural way to clean your skin to have a long lasting effects of young, clean, smooth and rejuvenating feel.

    • The all natural fibers are tightly woven. This sponge will last for quite some time (1-2 years) before finally falling apart are wearing out.

    • After using your loofah, remove it from the moist shower environment and leave it somewhere with enough airflow to completely dry it out between uses.
    • Material: made of 100% natural loofah and terry cloth material which is non-toxic, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.


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